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Mail address: P O Box 245 6906 North Perth, WA, Australia
E-mail: Information for Action is a non profit environmental organization committed to environmental change in our global community. Work on the website began in 1999 by President Rowland Benjamin and is maintained by a group of talented volunteers.

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The Green

Sower of life


 The Green Sower of Life ~ says

Humans have a drive for survival and a brain with the ability to reason and project into the future. They are therefore able to predict the outcome of their actions. They can run their societies today with an awareness of how other generations will survive tomorrow.

Humans have the knowledge and skills to reverse some of the damage already done to the environment.

It is possible that humans can reduce their large population and consumption levels. They can manage the earth's wealth fairly and sustainably. They can coexist in harmony with other life forms. 

Unfortunately, individual commitment and the political will to bring about such a transformation is still lacking.

Pollution and waste

Tax and legislation and Population

Conservation and Biological diversity

Forests and Energy

Greenhouse, Chemical, Genetic engineering and Nuclear

Transport and Urban

Farming, Business, Food and Aid and world debt

Consumers power and Direct Action

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