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Vanishing World

Am                                     C
I think about the earth, it's important to me
Dm                                     G
Trees, flowers, grasses and animals free
Bb                             Gm
I see it vanishing, mismanaged by people
F                                                     Em
With profit from resources as their guiding principle

We've lost too much already, to be complacent
Marvellous forms of life we just can't replace
Not by chance but because the human population
Is too slow to act, and save it from extinction Chorus 1.

What a terrible crime, they've become history
The painted frog, laughing owl and toalache wallaby
When their evolution came to a close
The effect it had on the earth nobody knows

Politicians don't think beyond the next election
Are obsessed by growth and economic prediction
While life's dying faster than ever seen before
Their conservation record is abysmally poor Chorus 2.

We need parks for wildlife with routes for migration
They can't express needs and must have our protection
People from all countries need to work together
With goals of conservation and living with nature

A variety of species may look pretty
but diversity's an ecological necessity
with more possibilities there's better solutions
For varieties of foods, materials & medicines Chorus 3.

I've started living, a life that's sustainable
Consumer conscious, waste biodegradable
The material world's here for us to borrow
So other generations can use it tomorrow

The tusks on an elephant and the skin on a tiger
Or the fur coat on your back and an ivory dagger
Tell me how much are they worth
We must all help to conserve life on earth Chorus 4.


F             D
Gre---ed nothing but gre-ed
D                                G
No lame excuses will make me beli-eve
C                           Em
That it is anything more

Bre---ed continue to bre-ed
Choke the rest of life that we ne-ed
And there will be nothing more

Ne---ed yes there is ne-ed
To have comfort but don't ble-ed
The planet until there isn't any more

Cre---ed different races and creeds
not to destroy nature but conserve, yes inde-ed
Survive with much more

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