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Solutions for food distribution and production

(a) For the Third World

  • The West to assist in making production more profitable but to resist using GMO’s until the impact of these is fully known
  • Engage in sustainable food production – small-scale and working with nature
  • Encourage biodiversity by using a mixed variety of crops and systems
  • Make available a wide range of domestic plants and animals to protect against disease and crop failure.

(a) For the West

  • Replace chemicals with organic nutrients
  • Reduce agricultural subsidies - without forcing farmers into bankruptcy
  • Improve market access for food imports from the Third World
  • Pay fairer prices for produce from the Third World
  • Buy local produce.

Benefits of helping Less Developed Countries to develop agriculture

  • Better health through better nutrition
  • Reduced poverty.

Examples of environmentally sustainable agriculture and fairer trade

The International Society for Ecology and Culture, which has branches in the UK and USA, has established a project at Ladakh in Tibet to help local farmers create an alternative to plantation-type growing, which is heavily dependent on agrichemicals. Farmers are now using organic methods and local varieties of crops.

Oxfam is involved in a number of projects. In Haiti it is helping to establish co-operatives to enable small scale coffee growers to sell their produce at a fair price. Oxfam also instigated a Coffee Rescue Plan to help growers in many different countries. It has asked major coffee roasters Nestle, Starbucks, Sara Lee (Douwe Egberts) and Proctor & Gamble to buy Fair Trade Certified coffee. In Brazil it is helping a community at Ludovico to make a viable industry out of the local Baba or Babacu nuts. For more information see

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