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E-mail: Information for Action is a non profit environmental organization committed to environmental change in our global community. Work on the website began in 1999 by President Rowland Benjamin and is maintained by a group of talented volunteers.

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The Grim






The Grim Reaper says 

The window of opportunity is closing for humans. 

Greed will be your undoing. I will take you.

  Late in the twenty first century large numbers of humans will die in a slow and painful process leading to their extinction. In the process many other species of life will disappear. World climate changes will result in crop destruction and famine on a massive scale. High levels of radiation through the loss of the earth's ozone layer and from nuclear waste leakage will result in cell mutations. There will be an overall increase in the number of cancers. Reproductive failure will result in a greater dependency on reproductive technology to create human offspring. A lowered immunity, ineffective antibiotics and more virulent microorganisms will undermine our ability to survive. Many layers of interacting causes will create an ecological crisis. The ultimate mechanism of human extinction will be viral.

 Greed for power and wealth by a few and the compliance by many to work for a wage will drive the economic machinery. Growth in population numbers and an increasing human appetite for commodities will feed the economic machinery. Naturally occurring living organisms which are useful for generating profit will be pressed into domestication. Anything remaining will be exhibited at zoos or forced into extinction. For the political economic system to work successfully the entertainment industry will ensure high levels of apathy.

 There will be an explosion of information people receive. Most of it will serve the interests of business. Self interested global commerce. Material likely to cause discontent or encourage political action will be drowned out by the noise of advertising and party political propaganda, payed for by big business. The newspapers and television channels competing for our mind will create bubblegum for our amusement. Consumer-worker contentment and conformity will be maintained. In a competitive world of globalisation, mega business groups will compete for maximum production of wealth and profit as the quality of life gradually deteriorates. Urban growth will spread on earth like a cancer on a skin.

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