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Gm7     Gm7       Gm7
Guilty    guilty     guilty

D         F#m
For the Murder of a planet
Tearing it down, tearing it down

D          F#m
For the money and glory, (the)
Em                G
power and apathy
C       Dm         G
greed and the luxury,
we're hunky dory.

No need be sorry, the funerals a story
a scientific theory, some others destiny.

We'll all live healthy, and all be wealthy
everybody happy, no need to worry.

A                                 Bm
Don't you know, that everything you do
D                                Em
no matter how small it may seem to you
A                                      E
has a ripple effect, on the world you value.

On spaceship earth, you're part of a crew
There's engine failure, and it's up to you
To repair the ship, it needs your rescue.


Guilty - guilty - guilty X2

For the Murder of a planet
Tearing it down, tearing it down

There'll be a discovery, make a new reality
Everyone just dreams, it isn't as it seems.

Or perhaps one day, we'll all wake up,
find its all gone, consumed and built on.

Are we so lazy, or have we just gone crazy
politically short sighted, blinded by envy.

Can't you see, that everything you do
in your daily life, will come back to you
in your future years and your children to.

In you're life, the seeds that you sow
who you choose to be, and continue to grow
are in your hands, do you want to know?

Bm7                                     DMaj7
The world you create, the love you radiate,
Bm7                                   A7
The work you do, and who you relate to,

The life you weave and waste you leave,
The wealth you consume, and what you assume,

The baby you conceive and values you believe,
The things you receive and aspire to achieve,

The words you convey and plans you lay,
The votes you cast, your life's quest,

F#m         A     Bb                G
Belong to you but affect the world too X2

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