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Eco Freako Fun Page

The Grim Reaper or The Green Sower
The Grim Reaper The Green Sower
The Grim Reaper The Green Sower

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Cartoon Archive

Cartoons published in our annual cartoon calendars are put online after each month of publication. Here are the cartoons from 2008 up until the present. Each month the cartoon covers a different theme. Special days are listed each month. For example 'World Habitat Day' Monday 5th October. And there is plenty of room for people to pencil in birthdays or important days to remember.

The cartoons are colourful and express a wry sense of humour about important environmental issues. Please email us if you are interested in purchasing a copy of next years calendar.

Dr Eco Freako Page

Dr Eco Freako is a very serious nerd and a bit excentric. He is a wholistic scientist. Sometimes he gets passionate about the environment but his ideas are grounded in science.

Unlike the other characters he has compassion for humans – he is one! He talks about the environmental problems, causes, effects and facts. His mission is to build a sustainable society. He monitors the state of health of the Earth and offers sensible remedies to fix the problems.

YouTube Videos

Information for Action has just produced 34 YouTube videos, which look at the climate change and economic policy of political leaders in Australia, Europe and the US.

They include Angela Merkel, Gordon Brown, Silvio Berlusconi, Ban Ki Moon, Barak Obama, Manmohan Singh, Hu Jintao, Richard Branson, Robert Zoelick, Alan Greenspan, Rupert Murdoch, Hilary Clinton, George Bush, Colin Barnett, Kevin Rudd, Malcolm Turnbull, Peter Garrett and Penny Wong.

Dr. Eco Freako, The Grim Reaper and The Green Sower comment on the policies of these leaders. The characters in the videos are funny but the information is factual and very serious.

The videos are part of a live performance of music, animation and political satire called the Eco Freako Show.

Eco Freako Comic

Chapter 1

Dr Eco Freako explains the origins of the two main characters in the comic - Life and Death. Life exists in the form of the Green Sower and Death as the Grim Reaper - two opposing forces- formed at the big bang, 12 billion years ago.

He explains the purpose of the Green Sower is to facilitate life evolving, diversifying, developing intelligence and spreading throughout the Universe. In contrast the goal of the Grim Reaper is to extinguish life. They try to out-manoeuvre each other and have special powers to manipulate people and the environment.

Dr Freako explains how the Green Sower had communicated with him and told him to put together a team to stop the Grim Reaper and the corporations from destroying the planet.

Chapter 2

The Green Sower contacts George and Mary. He instructs George to save the world from global warming by delivering Dr Freako’s robots (lezaks) to the power stations to disable them. Mary must save the world from over-population by getting Dr Freako special pills (luvloks) into the drinking water.

George and Mary visit Dr Freako at Freako Research. Freako explains how the luvlok capsules work. They debate the ethics of sterilizing the population. Dr Freako explains the lezaks looks like a piece of coal but really they are machines programmed to seek out and destroy exposed electrical wiring and to disable the coal power station. He demonstrates one working.

George arrives at the first power station. He throws the lezak towards the power station and activates it with his remote control. It burrows underground, goes into sleep mode. Mary wonders down to the reservoir which supplies the drinking water for the nearby city. She gets under the fence and then drops a luvlok into the water. A few hours later the lezak is in attack mode and disabling the power station and the luvloks are in the drinking water reducing human fertility.

Chapter 3

One week later back at Freako Research seven more ecologically aware people have been contacted by the Green Sower. They have come together to discuss strategy. They are multi-skilled scientists and academics who understand the need to take strong action if the Earth and civilisation is to survive. They include George Cohen, Mary Wise, Dan Jansen, Bill Harris, Yana Petrovin, Maya Gupte, Jaja Wahba, Yoshi Sato, and Edwin Fassbinder.

Dr Freako brings out a newspaper report about the direct action George did at the coal power station. Bill comments that eventually the governments will find them and come after them. They debate their actions and if society will ever understand the ethics of their actions to save the planet.

Dr Freako explains his provisions for the group to go underground when they are discovered. He says the problem is with the people who run the corporations. Mary blames the economists who promote unsustainable growth and the wrong balance of human activity and nature.

Edwin explains his role as a psychologist is to change human behaviour so people value biodiversity instead of money. They debate the difficulty of this. Cal explains how the Grim Reaper controls the corporations, and the corporations control the people with advertising.

Dan explains that they can’t use the political systems that are in place because the Grim Reaper controls the corporations to buy political influence. The corporations pay for the elections, run the democracies and own the politicians. Jaja says we need a different political system - a meritocracy.

Dr Freako says that although they are a small group now, Green Sower is contacting other scientists and intellectuals and they will grow. Cal points out that time is running out for biodiversity and for human civilisation and that they must act quickly. Dr Freako calls on the group to get started.

Chapter 4

The Grim Reaper uses humans to wipe out life. He gets into their head, manipulates their thoughts and makes them do things that destroy life and harm the planet. He targets the greediest people - corporation bosses, politicians, criminals and dictators.

They include Richard Manson (Harlot Airlines and the Harlot brand), Rupert Wordock (media), Liliane Worth (Greth Chemicals and GMOs), Robert Kock, (agriculture, timber and hotels), Roman Deripaska (oil, mining, aluminium and manufacturing), Abdulah Haziz al Hurair, (banking, oil, real estate, cement and petrochemicals), Michael de Grosse (uranium and diamond mining), Gail Jackson (finance, genetics, agrochemicals), Ruslan Solonik (Russian mafia - illegal logging, chemicals, mining), Elisabeth Ford (lawyer and corporate lobbyist), Bob Waltzon (hardware stores), Hu Zedong (Communist Party boss in China), Idi Mozutu (military dictator - minerals and timber).

Richard Manson has been causing, global warming and pollution. He has decimated forests, plundered natural resources and created mountains of waste. The Grim Reaper convinces Richard to log the Congo and Amazon rainforests and plant sugar to make biofuel for his fleet of aircraft.

Rupert Wordock has owns many newspapers and TV stations. The Grim Reaper has convinced Rupert to use his power to manipulate what people think and do, including who they vote for and what products they buy. He has got him to limit the news that people receive to thrills, games, soaps, gossip and sport.

Liliane Worth is CEO of Greth Chemicals, which make GMOs. The Grim Reaper knows Liliane loves money and will recklessly poison the planet if it will make her richer. He has got her to cut corners on safety by mixing virus genes with nanoparticles to produce foods and beauty products - long rectangular cube shaped bananas that are easy to pack, stop aging and get rid of wrinkles.

Chapter 5

The Grim Reaper struck. He was getting the greedy corporation owners to cause gene pollution, and mess up the natural world so badly that ecosystems would collapse and the Earth would die. Climate change, deforestation, the destruction of habitats, nuclear weapons and pollution were all on the Grim Reapers agenda.

Genes from genetically modified organisms have been polluting the natural environment for years. GM barley crossing with weeds, GM cows-milk caused brain disease, and GM budgies glowed in the night sky.

GM bananas were modified to give people better skin and a more youthful appearance. But the gene generated a virus which caused nasty sores. Greth chemicals made the bananas in China where laws are lax. They rushed trials and bribed the health departments to allow production and export.

At first they worked and Liliane Worth, Greth CEO made lots of money and won awards.

The harmful effects took years to appear. The virus lay dormant inside the GM gene inside daisy’s body. When the virus came to life it started taking control of the cells in daisy’s body and it signalled them to change.

First sores down the side of the persons face. Later the body turned into a gelatinous mass covered with puss oozing sores. Daisy, Claude and James were some of the victims and their tale is told.

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