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* (bassF#/ E)

A F#m E A A6 EMaj7 A6

Wellbeing You need it We - ll be - i - ng ---

(E/F#/G#/F#) (E bass) A E A A6 EMaj7 A6

Happiness You want it Ha - pp i - ne - ss --- (X 3 to fade)

Spoken 1st time: But that's not what you get

2nd time: And that's what you can get

Chorus 1:

C Am G Em

Confusing wealth with well being's the great human folly

C Am G Em

There are people with money who are so sad and lonely

D A Bm F#m A7

And others with nothing who are joyful and happy


1. Breathe the life. Living on a knife edge. Got to get it right.

2. Ride the wave. Stress so exciting. Sensation you crave.

3. Tense and neurotic. Biting your nails off. Can't seem to stop it.

Chorus 2:

You are driven by ideas which are planted in your brain

Images of pretty people in (a) fast car, boat or plane

un less you own the product your life will be mundane

4. Led by temptation. We'll take you higher. The low's a frustration.

5. High pressure work. For the power and the glory. You're going berserk.

6. No time for leisure. The company's too busy. Grab material pleasure.

Chorus 3:

You work longer hours to buy the things you don't need

You're stressed and neurotic but in the rat race you'll succeed

Yes the images you saw on TV, they got you to believe.

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