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Reference Sources - Bibliography


Air Topics:

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Air Pollution definitions:

Infoplease Encyclopedia - Air Pollution

Effects on Health and the Environment:

Infoplease Encyclopedia - Air Pollution Effects

Solution to Air Pollution:

Infoplease Encyclopedia - Air Pollution Solution

Ozone Pollution:

The Effects of Ozone Pollution
How Ozone Pollution Works


Keep Antibiotics Working Website


John Hopkins University:

Biodiversity and Classification
Biodiversity and Organic Farming Methods

About biodiversity:

Australian Museum Online
Australian Government - Department of Environment and Heritage
Centre for Biodiversity and Bioresources
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
Government of South Australia - Department of Environment and Heritage
New South Wales Department of Environment and Conservation - Biodiversity

Forest biodiversity:

South Australia Urban Forest Biodiversity Program
Ecological Science Based Forest Conservation Advocacy
Forest Conservation Links


Asean Regional Centre for Biodiversity Conservation
Coral Reef and Biodiversity Conservation
Biodiversity Conservation Programme for the Eastern Carribean

Endangered species:

Threatened and Endangered Animals and Plants
Austrlia's Threatened Species
Dying Seas Threaten Several Species


Bagheera - In The Wild

Illegal Poaching:

Mountain Tapir
Black Bears Canada

Genetic Diversity:

The Canine Diversity Project
Host Plant Resistance and Conservation of Genetic Diversity
Understanding Genetic Diversity
Loss of Genetic Diversity Among Managed Populations



IRTAD Database. International Traffic Safety Data and Analysis Group.


The Smogbusters Way to School Article
Electric Car Pollution
Hartwick Environmental Science Research Article


Effects of Lead on Human Health
Removal of Lead
Natural Cleanup Solution
Sub-Saharan Africa Celebrates Leaded Petrol Phase-Out, United Nations Evironment Programme News, 27 December 2005.


Improving Air Quality Document
World Car-Free Day Article
Sustainability Document
Trip Chanining Document Nickel Metal Hydride Battery,

Enviro car:

Hybrid Cars
Hydrogen Cars
Electric Vehicle
Commission Presents the Results of the CUTE Project: the World’s Largest Trial of Hydrogen Fule Cell- Powered Buses. Fuel Cell Works, 11 May 2006.
Brewery Shows Industry Working to Protect Sierra.North Lake Tahoe Bonanza 5 August 2005
Compressed Natural Gas



Pollution Scorecard


The Organochlorines Research Programme
Organochlorines in Streambed Sediment and Aquatic Biota


Dioxins and Their Effects on Human Health
Dioxins and Their Effects
Sources of Dioxins
Synopsis on Dioxins and PCBs


Cadmium Overview
Cadmium FAQ
Safety and Health Topics


Biodegradable Technology
Biodegradable Definition


Energy Consumption in Canada
Fossil Fuel Production and Consumption
World Fossil Fuel Consumption


Energy Conservation News and Resources


The Coral Reef Alliance


World Conservation Monitoring Centre
Mesoamerican Reef: Conservation Tips
Conservation Cology Abstract
The Nature Conservancy


Anchorage Daily News, Wesley Low, "BP hasn’t lived up to spill agreement, DEC chief charges".
BushGreenWatch - looks at Bush’s administration environmental record.
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Democracy4Sale - Who filled the big parties coffers last year.
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The Civil Corporation, Simon Zadek.
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Earth Charter USA
Earth Charter Australia
The Earth Charter summit
The Earth Charter
Green Cross International
The Earth Charter's Spiritual Agenda
Intergovernmental panel on Climate Change – IPCC


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Eco-taxes and Perverse Subsidies, Michael Jessen, October 1999
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Global Environmental Tax?
Eco Tax Reform - an option for CEE
A New Economics for the 21st Century, Future Wealth, James Robertson


Natural Gas
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Renewable Energy

Wind Power Energy:

European Wind Energy Association and Wind Directions magazine
Windpower monthly news magazine
Illustrated History of Wind Power Development
History of Wind Power
American Wind Energy Association
Guided tour on Wind Energy
Interests in Wind Power Technology
Wind Power - BBC
Green Energy Ohio
Wind Power Primer - PBS
Wind Power - GCSE Physics
Wind Power - Energy from the Air

Solar Energy:

Information about their products, solar power technology generally, the financial implications and current trends.
The solar electric power association
Information on solar technologies and cost benefits.
A forum on solar energy, with news, links, bulletin board and reports.
Research and Development Advances in CSP
Solar Energy Topics
How to make a Solar Power Generator
Arizona Solar Center Solar Water Savings
Active Solar Energy
Chemicals Fuels From The Sun
Solar Power - BBC
Solar Power Is Energy From The Sun

History of Solar Power:

History of Solar Power - Go Solar
History of Solar Power - The Why Files
History of Solar Energy -
History of Solar Energy -

Geothermal Energy:

The International Geothermal Association
Geothermal Topics - US Department of Energy
Geothermal Education Office
Geothermal Technology
Clean Energy Basics
Geothermal Energy - World Bank Group
Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy


Biodiesel Association of Australia
Bioenergy Information Network. Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
Biomass Cost. Public Renewables Partnership
Biomass Program. Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, US Department of Energy.
Clean Alternative Fuels: Biodiesel. US Environmental Protection Agency Factsheet, March 2002.
Ethanol cars cause fuming. Washington Post, 2 August 2003.
Energy Power Resources Group
Ewall, Mike The Burning Issues with Biomass, March 2000. Energy Justice Network
Is Ethanol Energy-Efficient ?
Landfill Methane Outreach Program. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
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Queensland Government
Renewable Energy Annual 2003. Energy Information Administration
Strategic Plan for the Climate Change Science Program. US Climate Change Science Program, July 2003.


Global Environment Outlook 3 – Past, present and future perspectives, EarthScan, United Nations Environment Programme, London, 2002
The State of the Planet,National Geographic, M. Klesius, September 2002
Climate Change/Global warming
EPA's Global Warming Site
United Nations Framework Climate on Climate Change
Global warming: Early Warning Signs
Union of Concerned Scientists
Global Warming Information Page
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
Climate Change Solutions
United Nations Environment Programme

Loss of Biodiversity

Air Pollution

Asian air pollution can reach U.S., Seattle Post, Lisa Stiffler, 14 February 2004
Seattle University
Natural Resources Defence Council

Forest degradation and deforestation

Earth Observatory

Freshwater stress and scarcity

United Nations Environment Programme
World Health Organisation

Degradation and pollution of coastal and marine environments

Ocean Planet
Ocean Link

Genetic Engineering

United Nations System-Wide Earthwatch
Sustainable use of genetically modified crops in developing countries, Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR), F. Gould and M. B. Cohen, Washington, D.C., USA, 2002
Science-based risk assessment for the approval and use of plants in agricultural and other environments, Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR), R. J. Cook, Washington, D.C., USA, 2002

Radioactive and hazardous waste

United Nations Environment Programme
United Nations System-Wide Earthwatch
Secretariat of the Basel Convention


Environment Canterbury - Farm waste


Anaerobic Digesters
Farm Waste for Cars
Farm Waste in your Tank


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Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations
Agribusiness Accountability Initiative
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Rising market control of transnational agribusiness, Amit Thorat


Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
Columbia Encyclopedia
David Suzuki Foundation
Neolithic Fishing-Hunting economy in Yellow Valley
Noaa Fisheries
Oceans Alive, Environmental Defense USA
Science Mag


Global land environments since LGM – Last Glacial Maximum
Tree Resources
World Rainforest Movement


SEDAC - Deforestation

Tree Uses:

Uses of Tree Species


Forest Conservation Portal
Forest, Conservation, and Logging Workers
Global conservation


Brazil's Forest in Brief
Amazon Forest
Working Forests in the Tropics


Deforestation: Brazil, Andrew Pease, Colby College 1997
Amazon deforestation and Brazil land problems
TVE's Earth Report - If Tree's Could Talk

Effects of Deforestation in Brazil:

Effects of Deforestation
Causes and Consequences of Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon

Solution to Deforestation in Brazil:

Brazil: Forests in the balance: Challenges of Conservation and Development

Canadian Forestry Association
Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society
David Suzuki Foundation
Forest Action Network
Forest Service. 2003. An overview of Canada's forests and forest industry Canada
Forest Stewardship Council
Global Forest Watch
Raincoast Conservation Society
Sierra Club of Canada
State of the Environment InfoBase. Sustaining Canada’s Forests: Overview
The state of Canada’s forests. 2005


Miscellaneous information
Adams, Jonathan [compiler] Africa During the Last 150,000 Years. Environmental Sciences Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Congo Basin Forest Partnership
Congo Basin Forest Partnership Fact Sheet. US Department of State, 13 April 2004. Sustainable Development Partnerships
Congo Basin Forests Under Threat. BBC News 3 September 2002
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Saving the Congo Basin Forests. Testimony of Tony Mokombo, Senior Program Officer, West and Central Africa and Madagascar Endangered Species Program, World Wildlife Fund – US before the Sub-committee on African Affairs of the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee, 24 July 2003
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Wildlife Conservation Society


Dance with the Papua New Guinea Wigmen
Forest Conservation Portal


The Woods Hole Research Center
World Resources Institute,
Greenpeace Russia - Forests
National Geographic Society
IndexMundi - Russia Unemployment rate
The Wildlife Foundation


NSW Department of Primary Industry - Forests
The Native Vegetation of New South Wales


SBS - Deforestation
The Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Natural Resources
Biomass Energy


Reports detail continued deforestation, Juliet Fox
Managing WA Forests


Forests, Woodlands & Grasslands


GreenPeace - Genetic Engineering
Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety for the Convention on Biological Diversity
Fact Sheet: Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety. US Department of State Bureau of Oceans & International Environmental & Scientific Affairs
EU sets GMO labelling, traceability rules. Environmental Science & Technology News 7 August 2003. American Chemical Society
International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture. FAO Commission on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (CGRFA)
CSIRO Halts work on genetically modified peas, Dow Jones 18 November 2005
Office of the Gene Technology Regulator
Global status of commercialised biotech/GM crops: 2005, International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-biotech Applications (ISAAA)
GM crops linked to rise in pesticide use, Guardian 8 January 2004
Another gene genie out of the bottle, Economist 19 May 2004
Down in the forest, something stirs, Economist 6 January 2005
Seeds of dispute, Guardian 22 February 2006
US wins WTO backing in war with Europe over GM food, Guardian 8 February 2006
EU Commission admitted GM food uncertainty, Guardian 18 April 2006
Gene Technology Act Review: media release 28 April 2006, Crop Life Australia
Gene laws survive review. News in Science 28 April 2006.
Up from the dead, Economist 4 May 2006
Ministers pave way fro GM crops, Guardian 21 July 2006

Cost and Danger:

Genetic Engineering and Its Dangers
Dangers of Genetic Engineering
Genetic Engineering and the Risk of Harm, Matti Häyry & Tuija Lehto
Weighing Up Benefits And Risks of Genetic Engineering

Genetically modified organism:

Questions About Genetically Modified Organisms, The Daily Mail, 1st June, 1999
Economic Impacts of Genetically Modified Crops on the Agri-Food Sector
Genetically Modified Organisms - Bacillus thuringiensis History of Genetic Engineering - American RadioWorks
The Impact of Genetically Modified Organisms on Human Health
GMO, safety and labelling
Opposing Genetic Engineering in New Zealand (and around the world), Bill Christison
Genetics and Patenting
Patenting laws

Benefits of Genetic Engineering:

Potential Benefits of Genetic Engineering
Genetic engineering: who benefits?
Genetic Engineering: Who Benefits?, Alan Durant, March 2000


Globalisation Guide: The key questions on globalisation
Globalisation Management Strategies
Globalisation team research pages
Free Trade

History of globalisation:

Globalization: History and Problems,Professor Gérard de Bernis
Globalization: History of the International Economy in the 20th Century, Prof. Brian A’Hearn
A Quick Guide to the World History of Globalisation

General Agreement on Trades in Services (GATS):

World Trade Law


Globalisation is not the problem – the problem is what’s driving it



Global Warming - Greenhouse Effects
Greenhouse - Green Planet

Climate change history:

Sudden Climate Change Through Human History, Jonathan Adams and Randy Foote
Global Climate Change: Exploring the Interface Between History, Science, and Development, Robert Page, February 7, 2002
Exploring Weather & Climate Change Through the Powers of 10

Climate change Solutions:

Putting it back where it came from: Is geological disposal of carbon dioxide an option for Australia? Cook, P. J., A. Rigg, and J. Bradshaw. 2000. APPEA Journal 11
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Wikipedia. 2006. Carbon Dioxide.


Land Pollution - Atlantic Region Green Lane
Land Pollution: How does land get polluted?
LANDFILLS: Hazardous to the Environment
Management Guidelines


Centre for Responsible Nanotechnology. No simple solutions for Nanotechnology risks
Chen, A. 2002. The Ethics of Nanotechnology. Action Bio Science Organisation
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Friends of the Earth, Chain Reaction, June 2006 Size Does Matter,
Herbert, M. 2005. Nanotechnology - Benefits and Risks. Chisholm Health Ethics Bulletin Vol 11(1)


The Noise FAQ
Noise Level


Duncan, Richard The Peak of World Oil Production and the Road to the Olduvai Gorge (2000)
List of Civilian Nuclear Accidents
Dateline, SBS 21 June 2006
FAQ Nuclear Energy
Environmentalists For Nuclear Energy


Ocean Planet - Oil Pollution
Hinterland Who's Who
Oil Pollution of the Sea


BBC article
Does ozone damage always cause symptoms?
Ozone damage and climate change – are they related?
Whole Health - Ozone Damage
Ozone Depletion


US Environmental Protection Agency: Pesticides
Pollution Prevention and Best Management Practices
AGRIFOR - Pollution Control


Catholic Agency for Overseas Development
Eldis - Aid and Debt
Debt Relief for Highly Indebted Poor Countries
World Bank - Aid Effectiveness Research: Q&A


Negative Population Growth
Population Growth and Balance
Human Population Growth, Biodiversity and Conservation: A Hypertext Book, Peter J. Bryant
World Bank - Population Growth Rate
Impact of Population Growth on Food Supplies and Environment, David Pimentel, Xuewen Huang, Ana Cordova, and Marcia Pimentel
Info for Health - Population Report
World Resources Institute
Cornwell, John, The Prudish Pontiff, Weekend Australian Magazine, 27 - 28 November 2004.
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Documentary Series: World in the Balance, SBS Television Program Information, 15 November 2004.
The Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center (SEDAC) Gridded Population of the World (GPW v3) dataset, GPW: Future Estimates, 2015, and the new suite of data products developed under the Global Urban-Rural Mapping Project (GRUMP).
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Population Growth and Family Planning In India: an Analysis.
State of World Population 2004. UN Population Fund.
UNFPA Publications.
World Factbook.


The History of Roads and Asphalt. Mary Bellis
Australian Bureau of Statistics - History of roads in Australia
Military roads and transport developments, 1720s
A History of Roads in the US with Athens as a Case Study, Becky Brignac


Frequently Asked Questions about SALINITY
What you always wanted to know about salt

Dryland Salinity

CRC for Plant Based Management of Dryland Salinity
Monitoring the white death – soil salinity
Murray-Darling Basin Commission

Irrigation Salinity

Land Degradation, NSW
Department of Primary Industries - Agriculture
Water and Salinity Management, Australian Potato Research, Robert Stevens, Mark Skewes and Denis Sparrow, 2000
Natural/Irrigation Salinity


Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute - Seagrasses
AIMS Research - Seagrasses - Monitoring & Managing of European Seagrass Ecosystems
The significance of seagrass ecosystems (Western Australia)


University of Western Cape, Botany Department - Soil Erosion
The Soil Erosion Website
Soil Erosion in Agricultural Systems
Soil Erosion, Landcare Field Guide
History of Soil Erosion and Soil Conservation
Coastal Erosion and Catastrophic Storms
Coastal Erosion


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Resource Management Office(SNRMO) in Western Australia
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Industrial Development Council, Kalundborg Region, Denmark.
Co-op America.
Crystal Waters Village.
The Ideal Ecovillage - GAIA Trust.
Global Ecovillage Network.
Los Angeles Eco-Village.
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Declaration of the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment.
Stockholm June 1972.


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Small is Beautiful; a Study of Economics as if People Mattered, Abacus, E.F. Schumacher, 1974.

CIA World Factbook
UN Economic and Social Council Commission for Sustainable Development database of CSD Partnerships
UNCTAD Biotrade Initiative
UNDP and Energy for Sustainable Development
World Bank Global Development Finance Statistics


Friends of the Earth - Transport
Breathing free: fighting transport pollution in urban areas
Urban Transport and Environment


GeoTopics - Urbanisation
Pachamama - Urbanisation
Internation Human Dimensions Programme on Global Environmental Change - Urbanisation

Benefits and cost:

Urbanisation and Migration in the Third World, Jackie Wahba
Urbanisation - Facts
COST-C9 - Processes to Reach Urban Quality


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‘Bioweapons, bioterrorism and biodiversity: potential impacts of biological weapons attacks on agricultural and biological diversity’, JP Dudley & MH Woodford.
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Environmental Aspects of Landmines, Claudio Torres Nachon.
‘The New Arms Race’, The Weekend Australian, Greg Sheridan, 13-14/06/98.
Question of Survival: War and Ecological Disruption International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, Tilman Ruff
Paul Rogers The Environmental Costs of War. Public lecture at Lancaster University for the Westmorland General Meeting’s ‘Preparing for Peace’ initiative 13 July 2002
Preparing for Peace, Rogers, Paul.
The Russian Northern Fleet (based on the Bellona report The Arctic Nuclear Challenge of 2001) 6 February 2003
BBC News at a Glance The International Arms Trade
Anup Shah The Arms Trade is Big Business.
Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.
Center for Nonproliferation Studies.
Federation of American Scientists.
Mine Fields.
Social and Environmental Aspects of Abandoned Chemical Weapons in China Nonproliferation Review, Hongmei Deng and Peter O’Meara Evans, Spring-Summer 1997.


Association of State and Interstate Water Pollution Control Administrators
Finding out about water pollution
Water Pollution and Society, David Krantz and Brad Kifferstein
Polluted Runoff (Nonpoint Source Pollution)
Freshwater Website - Water Pollution
Sources of Water Pollution
How does stormwater pollution affect us?

Friends of the Earth website

Friends of the Earth: Links
Friends of the Earth Scotland
Bromley Friends of the Earth
Friends of the Earth Europe
Friends of the Earth Netherlands
Friends of the Earth Finland
Friends of the Earth US
Friends of the Earth Hong Kong

Growing Up Green

Growing up Green, David Hutchinson


Hunter Water Corporation
Solutions for a Water-Short World Estimated Use of Water in the United States in 2000
The Australian Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts
Global Water Partnership
Coastal and marine pollution
The World's Water
World resources institute
International Water Management Institute
Environmental policy and the UN System
Clean Drinking Water: An increasingly rare commodity, Global Water Resources, November 1999
Water Policy and Law Group - Web links for water


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