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Stimulus Driven


E E7 E+a E7 A

He doesn't think about the future


Short term goals are for him


She doesn't care about the earth

Self interest is her motivation

Chorus 1.


You speed down the motorway and complain about the mess


A new road they're building past your own little nest

F#m G#m

The smoke from the factory is killing you each day

F#m G#m

When they want to close it you fight so hard to stay

E E+a E7 A

Stimulus driven X2


Advertisement pressure to consume

Manipulation by clever salesmen


Worker makes part for killing weapon

Who pulls the trigger's not his decision

Chorus 2.

Crushed in the mega cities there's hardly room to move

A problem caused by someone else and they must improve

You're concerned for the planet, that is what you say

Then vote for the party who promises you more pay

Stimulus driven X2


Mother and father has many children

The world population make an explosion


Company sells milk powder to mother

Makes huge profit while children suffer

Chorus 3.

The shirt on your back, it's a bargain at the price

Made by child labour, for a bed and bowl of rice

The handy plastic bags, you use once then throw away

Build mountains of waste, which grow bigger every day

Stimulus driven X2


Smoker dies of lung cancer

After years of tobacco inhalation


Doctor drug doesn't remove the cause

Gets kickbacks from pushing medication

Chorus 1.

Stimulus driven X2


Politician wants to secure election

Uses taxes and wages as temptation


Business man sells banned pesticide

Third world farmer dies from poison

Chorus 2.

Stimulus driven X2


Customer puts his money in the bank

Bank puts money into something rotten


Farmer wants more profit from land

Cuts down trees causes soil erosion

Chorus 3.

Stimulus driven X2

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