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The Green

Sower of life



 The Green Sower of Life ~ says


Financial support and education can be provided to encourage organic farming and the development of permaculture.

Agricultural colleges should make conservation an integral part of training to students in mainstream courses.

Over 75% of the worlds arable land surface is farmed and the maintenance of natural habitats is dependent on the behaviour of farmers.


Companies can be given incentives to develop ecological friendly tourism. An environmental policy helped Sydney, Australia, secure the running of the 2000 Olympic games. The unemployed could be offered employment doing much needed conservation work or improving ancient buildings and monuments sites.

The fate of tropical rainforests is determined as much by decisions made in far-off company boardrooms and the offices of governments and development agencies around the world as by the activities of local loggers and farmers.


Global food production has the potential to provide for all the world's people, yet millions starve.

Organic food has never been exposed to artificial chemicals and free range products come from animals treated with consideration. At present they are slightly more expensive than chemically grown products. The more that people consume them, however, the more growers and manufacturers will want to supply them and the cheaper they will get.

Aid and world debt.

We could provide more financial and technical aid to assist Eastern Europe and developing countries to act on environmental issues. Aid could be linked to developing cleaner industry rather than the current emphasis on productivity.

The IMF, World Bank and seven leading Western governments that hold the world debt could write it off, perhaps in exchange for conserving nature.

You can help put pressure on your government to write off the debt. If your bank does not practice ethical investment move your account to a building society or the Cooperative Bank.

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