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Materialism Paradox



I want a T.V.

I want to be free.



I want the latest fashion

I want education



I want a new car

I want to go far

I want a radio

I want to know



I want a CD player

I want a payer

I want my meat

I want to eat



I want a motor bike

I want, what I like

I want to have

I want to live



I want a sky reception

I want contraception

I want a private plane

I want rain



I want a swimming pool

I want fuel

I want a freezer

I want a visa



I want a video

I want to go

I want a washing machine

I want hygiene



I want a mobile phone

I want a loan

I want a country home

I want to roam







I want a hand gun

I want someone

I want a fast boat

I want a vote



I want a laser printer

I want shelter

I want party nights

I want human rights



I want enjoyment

I want employment

I want a diamond jewel

and democratic rule



I want travelling

I want clothing

I want everything

I want nourishing



I want a racing horse

I want - of course!

I want more

I am the poor

Chorus 1.

F#m G#

The northern rich

gave the southern poor,

F#m G#

loans to help them to develop

C#m G#m

Now the gap is wider

than ever before,

G#m F# F# F E 

And there's interest they must pay back 


Chorus 2

F#m G#

So they chop down trees,

bleed their country dry

F#m G#

the bank says,

they must give more

C#m G#m

Let's make a plan, protect the earth,

G#m F#m F#m F E G F#m F E

and in exchange, wipe clean the score X3

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