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It all began ten billion years ago


A big bang scattered dust into space


The dust cloud then condensed into solid


Gravity had pulled matter into place




Planets formed stars burned bright (the)


Universe in its twi-light




Earth was in a turbulent state, (no)


life survived in this hostile place


Liquid plastic amorphous rock


Shaped by storms and meteorite shock


Radiation high on the ground


Fires burning all around


Gamma, X-rays and solar winds


The atmosphere wasn't kind




Acid rivers, boiling lakes


Mega violent earthquakes


A mixture of poisonous gases


Hot lava and volcanic ashes




Time went by and the earth began to cool


Frozen comets brought water here from space


Lightning triggered chemical change


Oceans formed between continental plates




Complex molecules began to appear (the)


building blocks of life were here




A simple cell came on the set


found a niche that was warm and wet


Then colonies of bacteria (and) 


microscopic algae appear


Mutation of cells over time


Created a specialised line


Life with complexity of form


Diversity became the norm




As life evolved it harnessed the planet


Changed its chemistry changed its climate


Replaced the atmosphere with its own


It built and ran a stable home




The composition of the air we breathe


Its temperature and humidity


The saltiness of all the seas


Kept constant and in harmony




Earth became a single living force


Each part pursuing its own course




Elements driven in a cycle


A process active and vital (from)


air to water, soil to plant cell


Consumed then returned when the animal fell


Carried on plates of the earths crust (to)


mountains or volcanic dust


As soil or stone, dissolved in rain


As flesh and bone a linking chain




This is the story of our origin


A living film clings like a skin


On land and sea there is Gaia


Great creator and destroyer

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