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What is your environment?

It includes everything that surrounds you, including:

Are we harming our environment?

Yes we hurt it at times. This makes it dirty.

How do we make it dirty?

We pollute the air and cause Global Warming.

Because of this:

Another way in which the air can be made dirty is by farmers not being careful with the way they use:

Because of this:

Because of this, we might not have enough:

  • Spoiling the soil that lets animals and plants, live and travel by:

  • Cutting trees.

  • Making too many buildings.

  • Having too many animals on a farm.

  • Because of this:

  • Harmful Waste that cause water to be unclean from:

  • Industries

  • Weapons

  • Because of this:

    We, together with plants and animals can become very sick.

  • Dirtying areas close to beaches because of more:

  • Buildings in the area, increasing the sewage that goes into the water.

  • Visitors who come even from other countries to enjoy the beaches.

  • Because of this:

    The beautiful coral reef and other animals and plants in the water can be damaged as they will not get enough light.

    What can we do to help?


    By taking care of your environment, both you and I can save a lot of people, animals and plants as well as making it a beautiful place for us all to live in.