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What is war?

War is when two or more countries have a long-lasting battle with each other because of a disagreement they have. When countries are at war, they use their militaries to harm and kill the people and resources in each otherís countries.

What are weapons?

Weapons are very dangerous things that are used during war to hurt or kill people and resources. Bombs are a type of weapon that you may have heard of.

What do war and weapons have to do with the environment?

Just about everything that happens in a war hurts the environment, and the kinds of weapons that are used in wars today are very damaging to the environment.

How exactly do wars harm the environment?

How exactly do weapons harm the environment?

All weapons harm the environment in some way. The main ones are:

What can you do to help?


Though we might disagree with others at times, we can always find a way to peacefully solve our problems.