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What are seagrasses?

They are flowering plants that have changed over time so that they are able to live in seawater. Some types of seagrass look very similar to grass, but other types look nothing like grass at all.

Where can seagrasses be found?

Most seagrasses grow in shallow coastal areas where there is good sunlight and a medium level of water current. More than half of the species of seagrasses found in the world live in Australian waters. They can also be found in places like South-East Asia and East Africa.

Why are seagrasses important?

What are the threats to seagrasses?

Seagrasses are sensitive to changes in the environment. Unfortunately, many communities of seagrasses have disappeared because of changes humans are constantly making to the environment. Some of these are:

What can you do to help?

Ask your parents and any adults you know to:


Seagrasses are an important source of food, shelter and safety to so many of our sea creatures. Let's do our best to protect them.