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What is poverty?

A person is in poverty when they have little or no money, own very little, and have low living standards. A person living in extreme poverty will not have enough money to meet their basic needs such as:

What could happen because of this?

Thousands of people in poverty die because they do not have the things they need to survive. As well as death, people living in poverty face:

What is aid?

It is when help is given to a community or a country that has many people living in poverty. Countries that have a lot of money will often lend some of their money to countries that do not have enough.

Which countries are poor, and why are they poor?

Many countries in Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East are poor because:

What is world debt?

The total amount of money the poorer countries owe to the richer countries. This can be between US$300 billion ?US$500 billion.

What problems does world debt cause for people in poor countries and for the environment?

How can the poorer countries be helped?

Where possible, their debts need to be cancelled by the richer countries.

What can you do to help?

Ask your parents to:


All children in the world should have their basic needs met. Appreciate all that you have, and never waste it!