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S O I L   E R O S I O N

What is soil erosion?

It is the wearing away of soil over time by wind or water.

Do humans have anything to do with soil erosion?

Yes. Though soil erosion happens naturally, human activities like farming and deforestation speed up erosion. These human activities cause:

How serious is the problem of soil erosion?

Very serious. Because of human activities that cause erosion to happen faster, 1/5 of the topsoil from the worlds farming land and 1/5 of the topsoil from tropical forests has been destroyed. As well as this, 10.5% of the planet's most healthy soils - an area the size of China and India combined - have been seriously damaged.

Can't we live without soil?

It would be very hard to. This is because:

What can you do to help?

Ask your parents to support organic farming by buying organic foods and encouraging shops in your area to stock organic food.


It is up to us to help save the soil we need to survive!